The Story of a Lover of Makeup

(the short version) lol

My journey with makeup commenced around the age of 15-16, during the pinnacle of the YouTube revolution. Starting with self-practice, I gradually extended my skills to family and friends. However, I soon realized that true immersion in the craft transcended the confines of a computer screen. Transitioning from Ulta to Sephora for a span of 2-3 years, and concluding my retail tenure at MAC for 1-2 years, I embarked on the path of freelancing driven by a desire for independence and expanded opportunities beyond the retail realm.

My career has granted me the privilege to collaborate with a diverse array of clientele, ranging from local fashion shows and television personalities to editorial photoshoots and boudoir projects. I take pride in the rich tapestry of my portfolio, reflective of various races, skin tones, types, and cultures. At the heart of my brand lies a commitment to inclusivity and diversity. My ultimate aspiration is for everyone to find themselves reflected in my artistry.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about my journey.